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Vauxhall Astra H VXR

2006 Vauxhall Astra H VXR 240ps in for one of our Custom stage 1 maps. After finding the original actuator was weak changing it for a Forge one, changing the boost control solenoid and applying our custom remap we gained 25+bhp over stock, 40ftlbs and smoothing out the power delivery which without uprating the intercooler, turbo down pipe, removing the pre cat, fitting a sports exhaust system, Inlet cross over delete with high flow induction setup and fitting a high flow sports cat (£****) is by far the best value for money gain on these engines. Not the mention the higher risk of taking out the weak gearbox with futher performance enhancments. What a stunning condition car and looks awesome.

"Great People very professional services and Excellent Dyno set up. Very Very Pleased with how my Vxr Drives now Much Better power delivery and improved fuel economy. Highly Recommend This Company Thanks Again"

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