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Mini Cooper S Supercharged R53

252bhp 231ftlbs Mini Cooper S supercharged R53 that's been in with us for Catcams to be installed along side 550cc injectors and custom dyno rolling road mapping. These were the final pieces of the puzzle in the build for its owner Sam.

Full specs are: uprated forge top mount intercooler, cold air fed induction setup, 4 branch manifold, decat, sports exhaust, 550cc injectors, 17% reduced pulley, catcams cam shaft and our very own custom mapping with flames on over run. Impressive car to drive with no lag. Stock power graph from another one and this ones current power below.

Mini Cooper S supercharged R53

Dyno Graph

Pink a stock mini Cooper s r53 torque. Lower red a stock mini Cooper s bhp. Green Sam's mini's torque. Upper red Sam's mini's bhp. Competely different car to drive!

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