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Mitsubishi Shogun 3.2 DiD

2007 Mitsubishi Shogun 3.2 DiD came in for a remap as the owner had been seriously struggling to tow their Shire horses. After initial 4WD rolling road dyno testing it was clear there was either an issue or one of the worst remaps we had ever seen already on it. Results were terrible with only 64bhp @ 1800rpm, 98bhp @ 3000rpm and then a sudden surge of power at 4000rpm (useless and far less than a stock vehicles power). Torque was a total joke only making an average of 175ftlbs........

After a thorough investigation on all the usual mechanical and sensor issues we drew a conclusion its got to be a dodgy previous remap. We started a fresh with one of our own tunes and immediately saw results of 140bhp @ 1800 rpm (increase of 76bhp) 183bhp @ 3000 rpm (an increase of 85bhp) and torque went up to a massive 467ftlbs! this thing can now pull a house down!! The owner is very happy as you can imagine and has reported he can tow his Shire horses without knowing they are even there now! Check out his review. Its not always about peak numbers its about driveability and outright quality mapping. Dyno graph below.

Mitsubishi Shogun 3.2 DiD on the dyno

Dyno graph

Pink torque it came in with. Light green torque it left with. Red bhp it came in with. Dark green bhp it left with. Crazy previous poor mapping by someone without a rolling road and doesn't know what they are doing.

"Took our Mitsubishi Shogun Diamond 3.2 Diesel to see Stuart & Joel at the Tuning Lab. It was struggling to make any power until the very top end of its power range, even worse when towing our horses, it just died on the Devon lanes. The boys carried out various diagnostics until they nailed the problem and then planned how to sort it. It seemed a previous owner had removed the DPF and then had a shocking remap to try and bypass it. Joel did a complete wipe of my ECU and wrote a new map, after a few test runs she was running like a train. The truck was barely making 75bhp with about 130ftlbs of torque, she's now got a huge increase up to just shy of 190bhp with a mahoosive 465ftlbs or torque... Absolutely belting! We tried her last night towing a couple of the shires and it pulled like there was nothing on board. Can't recommend these guys enough, both are enthusiastic and skilled at what they do even on a workhorse like ours, a pleasure to watch."

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