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Volkswagen Golf Mk7 GTi DSG

2014 VW Golf mk7 GTi DSG in for a DSG oil change and a custom stage 1 rolling road dyno remap with us. Arrived with a measured 221.4bhp and 286ftlbs. Left with a healthy 270.5bhp and 337.8ftlbs. Huge gains for a stage 1 stock car. Soon to be back for an Airtec intercooler. Check out the graph below.

VW Golf GTi

Overlay before and after. Top end falls away due to intake temps so needs an uprated intercooler to pull harder to the red line. Bottom end to mid range gains are HUGE!

"I’ve had Volkswagen caddy 2013 Landrover defender 2014 and now 2014 Volkswagen Golf GTI dsg mapped by these guys awesome service huge gains keeps me coming back keep up the good work guys"

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