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Volkswagen Mk5 Golf GTi

Volkswagen MK5 Golf GTi 200ps came in for one of our custom remaps. What an awesome car and the mods done are excellent in particular the fifteen52 Alloy wheels. This car is one of the very few petrol turbo charged vehicles we have had in that has made stock power or above without any faults! Not even a boost leak anywhere! Pre-remap it was making 204bhp with 241ftlbs of torque. Now making 255.8bhp with 341.7ftlbs! Gaining over 50bhp and 100ftlbs.

Lower red line pre remap boost - lower green line post remap boost. Pink pre remap torque - light green post remap torque. Red pre-remap bhp - dark green post remap bhp. Green line through the middle area is the AFR post remap.

"Had my golf remapped today, can't believe the change it's made, like a totally different car! Very friendly and helpful service! Would definitely recommend! Thanks guys!"

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