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BMW 123D Remap

BMW 123D in for a custom remap with us. This one was previously remapped unbeknown to the owner and the remap was hideous. Requesting dangerous levels of boost and making near stock torque. The drive of it was terrible and unlike any turbo diesel engine should be.

To remap the ECU fitted to this model it has to be removed, opened and 'bench tuned' to access the map files that need to be adjusted. The results speak for themselves gaining 120ftlbs (on an already remapped vehicle) at 1650rpm and masses more torque across the entire rev range and making 266.6bhp (at least as our dyno is allowing FWD transmission losses so more like 280+bhp) with less boost!

"**AMAZING** recently took my BMW 123d to these guys as I had a suspicion it was not running 100%. Sure enough it didn't take them long to find out it had already been badly remapped by another company! After a dyno session we found out the car was running dangerous levels of power so the guys set about a bench tune to fix her and save any damage to the engine!! A short time later she was fixed and back on the dyno only to amaze everyone by producing an extra 120ftlb of torque at 1650rpm and massive gains across the entire rev range!! Also taking power to a safer but amazing 266hp!! And all this from a diesel!! The car now drives amazing and pulls like a train!! Anyone thinking of getting any work done on there car look no further these guys really know there stuff!! friendly family run service and a great day out!! Thanks again tuning lab!!"

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