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Volkswagen Crafter Van

2007 VW Crafter 2.5 136bhp in for one of our custom written remaps including DPF delete and EGR delete. On this one we were asked to boost the torque along with bhp and add a little MPG so we applied one of our blend remaps with excellent results. Was making 90bhp at the wheels (approx 115bhp at the flywheel) with 192ftlbs. Van down on stock power due the the DPF fault (before our software calibration was applied). Now making 139bhp at the wheels (170bhp at the flywheel) with 291ftlbs of torque. That's a gain in torque of over 50%. All dyno proven.

VW Crafter custom remap including DPF & EGR delete

Wheel power is circled. Red versus dark green after our remap. Pink versus light green after our remap.

VW Crafter dyno graph results

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