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BMW 530D E39 184

BMW 530D E39 184 came in for dyno testing and actuator adjustments. After Adjusting the actuator we found the car was still over boosting from the demanded boost but not showing any codes. This particular car has been remapped by another local tuner. After looking through the map it was clear there were many maps missed within the calibration with stock limiters and stock boost but claiming 260bhp with a dyno graph also showing these figures. We started from scratch and took it from the previous maps actual 217bhp and 402ftlbs on our dyno (260bhp printout from another rolling road) upto an impressive genuine 246.6bhp with 461.5ftlbs on a stage 1 Tuning Lab custom remap. Graph below shows our remap versus the previous tuners remap.

BMW 530D E39 184

Dyno graph

Pink other firms map torque. Light green our remap torque. Red other firms bhp. Dark green our bhp. :)

"Brilliant results on my 530d E39"

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