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Audi S3 Sportback DSG

2010 Audi S3 8P Sportback DSG came in a for a stage 1 rolling road custom remap with us a few weeks ago. First off we started with a diagnostics check as always followed by dyno testing and datalogging to confirm power output and log important tuning information. Upon logging we found the car to be down on stock power and the ECU was pulling ignition even unmapped. This didn't show as a fault on the code reader and wouldnt unless you know what you are doing, have datalogged the car in a controlled environment (4WD Rolling road dyno) using all the correct genuine equipment and knowledge to tune cars. The car had new coil packs and spark plugs installed to cure the issue. The car was now making perfect stock numbers and without faults. Moving onto our stage 1 remap we took the car from 265bhp/266ftlbs to 305bhp/310ftlbs and mapped out the cat whilst adapting the calibrations as the owner was going to remove the cat for track days and didnt want any faults showing. The car has just come back with the decat installed to check AFR and ignition was all ok and its now making and impressive 320bhp/320ftlbs on our stage 1 mapping.

Audi S3 Sportback DSG

Dyno Graph

Red stock bhp. Dark green stage 1 with cat bhp. Dark Blue stage 1 with decat bhp. Pink stock torque. Light green stage 1 torque. Light Blue stage 1 with decat torque.

"I've just had my S3 mapped and am so impressed with the outcome. A nice increase in power and torque. Great customer service, a return visit is definitely on the cards in the future. Cheers Joel."


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